I long for those morning mizzles…

The drops which drenched my soul,

The soul soused completely in your love,

The love which seemed eternal.


I know I let the fall slip-away,

Without a word, without a touch,

Burning flames, crying heart,

Wishes, desires, fervour;

Confined within restraints.

I yearned for you, the very same you.


I stood in the sun today.

No, it wasn’t as warm as you.

But it brought the memories back,

The darker caves, the scenic lanes,

The summer breezes, the winter flakes,

The starry skies, the comely nights,

The gleaming eyes, the winsome smile;

My scars made me more beautiful.


Days still pass by, nights still feel lonely,

The strong walls are not home anymore,

I stare in the silence but I smile everyday;

Perhaps something somewhere is hurting instead.

And thus, with each passing moment,

I long for those morning mizzles,

All the way more…