“All women are naturally badass.”- Alicia Keys…how perfect, isn’t it? Oh!yes we are…from creating homes out of houses, men out of boys, to creating and delivering new lives. We are badass!!! let’s not forget our worth. God made us to create, let’s not waste ourselves in meaningless conversations, pleasing people and judging others. There is more to our lives than being smiling dolls all the time. Men were created to protect us not because we were weak but because we were so powerful that the power needed to be guarded. No we are not perfect and why should we be; there’s no growth after perfection and what fun is there in that. It’s the journey that makes it beautiful…the kisses, the hugs, the sorrys, the thankyous, the tears, the laughs, the mistakes, the broken show-pieces, the puncture tyres, the untread roads, the favourite songs, the stupid dance moves and I don’t know what not. All this can’t be perfect, but I am damn sure, the day your body will finally be at rest, your soul will be at peace. So laugh out loud, be angry, be sad, be excited, be over-joyed, be YOU…live your life on your terms. Those who love you for what you are, will walk along and those who wish to change you for placing you in their likeable list, should go and climb the nearest pole. Huh! …Love yourselves babes, wear an attitude that turns the heads when you enter the room, wear a smile that kicks off the need to cover your scars; scars are beautiful, they make you what you are; glow with happiness, no make-up can give you that; be yourself, stay true!