The BlueBird Diary

An array of earnest stories…by Rohini Singh

The Crossroad

Farewell blues

For years I saw the sunup betimes. The weary mornings, the gloomy vespers; Life was still beautiful and astir. I laughed at strange places. I cried for unknown people. I've been to the last milestone. I've seen the last man.... Continue Reading →


Your Smile

How nice it would have been, If every morning, I could see you smile. If only my eyes could tell you, How your smile brightens up my day, Like shining dew drops on the leaves. Like sun rays peeping through... Continue Reading →

Broken Roads

Just walking on these broken roads, Roads which speak a million stories. Stories which are all waiting to be heard. I have heard them so many times, but I can't explain. I love this unsaid, like an understanding between us.... Continue Reading →

Another Dawn

There can't be another dawn, Which can bring that moment again. The moment which gave reason to every tiny being, To relish, to cherish, to live this life again. It was a shining streak, Warm, bright and strong. Waiting for... Continue Reading →

Learning to be a mom

Your smile called me mom. I still remember the day, When you came in my arms... I'd not known a world So painful yet so comforting. A term so innominate, Yet so complete. You came out of me, Still I... Continue Reading →


This is just a short excerpt for the about page. Source: About

I long for those morning mizzles... The drops which drenched my soul, The soul soused completely in your love, The love which seemed eternal.   I know I let the fall slip-away, Without a word, without a touch, Burning flames,... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget your worth babe!

"All women are naturally badass."- Alicia perfect, isn't it? Oh!yes we are...from creating homes out of houses, men out of boys, to creating and delivering new lives. We are badass!!! let's not forget our worth. God made us to... Continue Reading →

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